Graced To Bless All Nations International (G2B) is our Name, We are a non governmental Organization (NGO) that has been mandated to support and help Missionaries in various mission fields in Africa and across the globe.

We are the extension of Jesus' Hands to the needy and this organization, was conceived in the month of September 2009, (9/9/2009) After the Visioner sowed a sacrificial seed of love to God in obedience to His demand for it.

He wanted to use the savings to set up a soap producing firm, but God made a demand for it and asked him to trust Him raise the capital for his company.

Five days later, instead of the capital for the business, God placed a burden on him for His servants in need and asked him to go and reach out to his servants and strengthen their hands.

After one full year of waiting on The Lord for wisdom and direction on how to go about it, The organization was now birthed on 1st October 2010 with only 3 people who went out together to encourage a needy Servant of God and provided for his basic needs from then till 2018.

Today, the organization has grown and we have increased in our Number by The Grace of God. This organization was formally known as "Grace To Bless International" but now called Graced To Bless All Nations International Ministries.

We strengthen the hands of minister's of the Gospel by providing them with house hold equipments, stipends, and allowances for missionaries. Under the umbrella of Graced To Bless All Nations International, we organize outreach programmes, support widows, orphans, less privileged children and the physically challenged/impaired people. We give scholarships, foodstuffs, toiletries, household equipments to the needy, we organize skill acquisition programmes and trainings for missionaries and pastors.

We are grateful to God Almighty for helping us remain focused on what we are called to do for the Kingdom.


Education & Materials

We provide all that is needed for the less privileged children to be able to go to school.

Skill Acquisitions

Trainings & Seminars

We train the less privileged in diverse skills. And provide them with the tools they require to start up their businesses.


Feeding & Shelter

We reach out to the poor, widows, orphans, prisoners, the disabled and the handicapped. We make our little contribution to help aleviate their sufferings.

Core Values

Our Core Values

* Evangelism

* Encouragement/Honor

* Charity

* Prayers

* Training/Discipleship

We focus on encouraging and helping the most vulnerable missionaries in rural areas in Africa and across the globe overcome the financial stress and discouragements in the mission field.

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Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

We preach Christ and His love through giving to the needy and to strengthen the hands of God's servants in various mission field by providing for their basic material needs and ministerial needs.

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Mision Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are mostly concerned with anything that is for kingdom advancement.

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Our Identity

We are born servants of Christ, fully committed to pleasing Him, our faith in Jesus Christ is foundational in our service and mission.

We are Steward's; we manage the resources entrusted to us faithfully since it's not ours, but for the work of Love.

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We partner with everyone who Love's God and humanity. we also partner with organizations whose goal is to help humanity and make life easier for the needy.

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We are accountable first to God All Mighty, then to our donors and partner's.

We have a transparent financial policy that enables us to be transparent in all we do, we assure our donors and partner's that the fund's received, are strictly used for the intended purposes why it was raised. We update and upload live evidence of each concluded projects/ outreaches. We put this measures in place to carry our donors, partner's and the masses along in all we do and by this, they are able to see how far their funds went to put smiles in the face of the hurting and needy people in Africa and across the globe.